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Jordan Tidd held her premiere Eyes Open Photography exhibition on January 15, 2022 - and it was fantastic! A special thank you to friends, family, supporters, donors, online participants, and both the Glaucoma Research Society of Canada and the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. So much awareness was raised for Glaucoma, the premiere exhibition was not only a success but a beginning to a great journey. 

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Have a scroll through some of the photographs taken at the premiere exhibition at the Arta Gallery within the Distillery District. There were five collections - Paradise Island, Beyond Black and White, Ironic Vision, Seeing Africa, and Life Goes On. It was a successful evening with over 250 people braving the cold to attend the event and a number of people participating online. 


"I was so happy! Setting up the gallery felt like a dream, and as the time of the event started to get closer - I realized how amazing this all was. I had an idea to combine my love of photography and my vision with Glaucoma; and it became real. My cheeks were hurting by the end of the evening from smiling so much. I even got to meet some beautiful people that also have Glaucoma, which was such an opportunity and something I hoped for. Thank you so very much for this incredible beginning. The evening before, I had the opportunity to be on City News Toronto and so much awareness was raised for Glaucoma, it was surreal. Thank you all." Jordan Tidd

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