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Active sea turtles swim up to the ocean’s surface for a breath every few minutes. Jordan was on her way up to adjust her goggles and her sea turtle friend joined her at the surface for a breath. The best part of this is that after she finished adjusting her goggles, mister sea turtle was right below her waiting to continue their adventure. This piece is a photograph seconds before Ocean Surface Break. It can be tricky to capture sea turtle photographs especially when there are numerous people in the water - this was a quiet day filled with sunlight and calm crystal clear waters. A number of the Paradise Island Collection photographs are of this sea turtle, Jordan has named him Bill. Acrylic print recommended. 

Ocean Surface Break

  • Ocean Surface Break is available with two printing options - Acrylic and Fine Art Print. The Acrylic option enhances the vibrant colours printed mounted on metallic photographic paper with refined edges and solid black backing. The inkjet fine art print is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. Eyes Open Photography production time ranges from 4-8 business days for fine art prints and 11-14 business days for acrylics. Pick your desired shipping option upon check-out.

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