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That first dip of the season is always a tough one, but it is definitely worth it. Count to three, give yourself a running start, and get it over with - Jordan lasted fifteen minutes in that crisp, cold Lake Joseph water this year. “Painfully refreshing were my emotions after receiving my Glaucoma diagnosis. Although it was a little scary, it was such a refreshing relief to know that someone knew what was wrong and what to do next. Although there is currently no cure, Glaucoma is manageable. This photograph evokes the same emotions as the diagnosis. The frigid Muskoka water is rejuvenating, inspiring and a little scary. I’m used to the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas where I can see each step in the sand below on the seabed; however in Muskoka, the waters are dark - it’s not crystal clear. If you’ve received a painful Glaucoma diagnosis or any diagnosis in general, try to find a refreshing or inspiring aspect.” J. Tidd

Painfully Refreshing

  • Painfully Refreshing is available in only one size but with two printing options - Acrylic and Fine Art Print. The Acrylic option enhances the vibrant colours printed mounted on metallic photographic paper with refined edges and solid black backing. The inkjet fine art print is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. Eyes Open Photography production time ranges from 3-6 business days for fine art prints and 11-13 business days for acrylics. Pick your desired shipping option upon check-out.

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