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Beautiful Ocean


Glaucoma Edits were created by Jordan Tidd as a way to provide others with the opportunity to see the world through the eyes and perspective of someone with Glaucoma. It's difficult for people without the disease to understand the perspective with words alone, but these photos communicate a perspective of vision with Glaucoma whether early or advanced in stage. We hope you are inspired, and awareness is raised about Glaucoma and the unique world it creates. When attending our exhibitions, feel more than welcome to personally speak to Jordan about her Glaucoma Edits within the collection!



Glaucoma Edits are photographs edited to portray vision with Glaucoma through the consultation of those with the disease as well as research. These images are personalized and may not display exact vision with Glaucoma; simply an example of what may be seen and what is seen for some. We'd love to know how your vision changed with Glaucoma, contact us here to let us know so more Edits can be created in awareness for the disease.

Souring Sea Youngling.jpg
Souring Sea Youngling Edit_edited.jpg
Beautiful Ocean
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