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The descent to the ocean floor is so thrilling as the diver continuously equalizes their ears and takes in their deepening surroundings. This piece captures the overwhelming peace and infinite adventure underwater as the sun rays pierce down to the shallow ocean floor as it starts to create a blur with loosening sand floating about. Everyone meets at the bottom, kneeling and signaling the start of another exciting dive. Some start having fun blowing bubbles at the camera while others immediately become engrossed with their surroundings - listening to the sounds of the ocean, their own steady breath, their restful heartbeat and feeling immense gratitude and realization of their minute being in comparison to the great wide ocean.

Ocean Descending Blur

  • Ocean Descending Blur is available as an inkjet fine art print which is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. Eyes Open Photography production time ranges from 3-6 business days for fine art prints. Pick your desired shipping option upon check-out.

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