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Beautiful Ocean


Welcome to Summer Sight of the Paradise Island Collection, home of more mesmerizing ocean and underwater photography including above surface photography and ocean wildlife. As Jordan’s happy place, second home and location of inspiration, the beautiful Bahamas waters and ocean life are photographed throughout Summer Sight capturing her obsession with the ocean, its animals and the emotional tranquility and peace it creates. Her immersive, large-scale acrylic photos invite viewers to jump into the piece making way for imagination and the opportunity to feel all senses in the photo. “I always say that although I do not have a cure for Glaucoma, I do have a camera. The camera allows me not only the gift of perfect sight but the opportunity to feel, create and capture photos that viewers can connect to - hanging the piece in their home to add an aspect of harmony. On top of my Glaucoma Edits, I’ve focused on the emotional connections my photos bring through the power of the shades of ocean blue awakening feelings of relaxation and hope to its viewers.” Sea Turtles represent longevity, patience and endurance and as they glide across the ocean floor or rise to the ocean surface, Jordan’s photography symbolizes the connection we have to the ocean and its wildlife hoping to create a world of peace and endurance to her viewers. Photographs with a ‘Glaucoma Edit’ label are pieces edited to portray what vision is like for people living with Glaucoma showcasing different visual symptoms edited into the photograph. The Summer Sight Exhibition took place on July 29, 2023. Shop the new additions to the Paradise Island Collection below

Beautiful Ocean
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