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20”x30”in - $1,200.00 

36”x52”in - $1,900.00 

48”x60”in - $2,800.00 

Photographer’s Favourite of the Premiere Event is a self-portrait of Jordan Tidd captured off a private island near Nassau, Bahamas as the sun scorched through the clear, light blue waters. One of her favourite parts about the Bahamas is the clear, shallow waters.The different shades of blue are created by the sunlight’s reflection from the sand and ocean bottom corals. The vibrant colours and clear waters - two in the million things Jordan loves about Nassau, Bahamas. “The ocean is truly a friend of mine, and this photograph portrays the clarity, exploration and majesty that come with each wave. I love the sound of the ocean waves more than most; however, the acoustic sounds produced underwater are so underappreciated. The sun reflected onto the turquoise blue water which reflected off my snorkel goggles.” J. Tidd


Paradise Island Collection

The Ocean is a Friend of Mine

SKU: 632835642834572
  • The Ocean is a Friend of Mine is printed on high quality Acrylic which enhances the metallic black and white view printed mounted on metallic photographic paper with refined edges and solid black backing. 

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