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“I love being underwater, and being able to capture little moments during a swim or dive always feels like such an honour. They welcomed me into their home, gliding by me back and forth, and then waving goodbye. Each sea turtle’s shell pattern mesmerizes me - the beauty, the intricacy, the perfection! Every so often, I create some photos lacking colour, to give the opportunity for my viewers to focus on the detail and complexity of the ocean wildlife.

Waving Goodbye

  • Waving Goodbye is available with two printing options - Acrylic and Fine Art Print. The Acrylic option enhances the vibrant colours printed mounted on metallic photographic paper with refined edges and solid black backing. The inkjet fine art print is printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. Eyes Open Photography production time ranges from 3-6 business days for fine art prints and 11-13 business days for acrylics. Pick your desired shipping option upon check-out.

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