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Define Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is the leading cause of incurable blindness in the world. It is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, the component of the eye vital for good vision. This damage is most frequently caused by an abnormally high pressure in the eye. 


Eyes Open Photography works with the Canadian Ophthalmological Society to receive the best and most helpful information about Glaucoma. Watch their video below for a quick but informative lesson about the vision-thieving eye disease, Glaucoma. 

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Only elderly people get glaucoma eye diseases.

Glaucoma diagnosis testing is quite painful.

The symptoms of glaucoma are obvious and clearly noticeable.

People with glaucoma cannot live a normal and fulfilling life.

Myth 1

Truth No. 1

Glaucoma is more common in adults of an advanced age, but can affect people of all ages. Jordan was diagnosed at the young age of 17. 

Truth No. 2

The testing processes for glaucoma are completely painless! Jordan describes them as occasionally startling but quick, easy and painless!

Truth No. 3

Quite the opposite! The symptoms of glaucoma are virtually unnoticeable which is why regular eye exams are important for early detection.

Truth No. 4

Glaucoma may not have a cure yet, but it is treatable. You will continue to live a beautiful, meaningful life filled with views, art, love and lessons!

Eyes Open Photography priorities the Glaucoma Edits over all the other pieces. Glaucoma Edits were created by Jordan Tidd as a way to provide others with the opportunity to see the world through the eyes and perspective of someone with Glaucoma. It's difficult for people without the disease to understand the perspective with words alone, but these photos communicate a perspective of vision with Glaucoma whether early or advanced in stage. We hope you are inspired and awareness is raised about Glaucoma and the unique world it creates. When attending our exhibitions, feel more than welcome to personally speak to Jordan about her Glaucoma Edits within the collection!

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Words of Encouragement

From Jordan Tidd, Founder and Solo-Photographer

Although sometimes it may be dark, you are never alone in this diagnosis and treatment journey. Approximately 80 million people have glaucoma around the world. I suggest you take a minute to try find the best words to describe how glaucoma changes your vision. Don't focus on the fact that the disease is incurable, place your focus on your personal treatment plan and continue to live life as beautifully as ever. It can be difficult to explain your vision or struggles with glaucoma; but we want you to know that our eyes are all unique and you are never alone in this adventure of life! The number one goal at Eyes Open Photography is Glaucoma awareness, and I am so grateful to continue to raise awareness - one photograph at a time.

Keep adventuring in sight, 

Jordan Tidd

Our Founder
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